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ctt collaboration


The CTT Collaboration is an international group which currently involves approximately 150 doctors, statisticians and research scientists, including experts in the field of cardiology, epidemiology, lipidology and clinical trials.

The Collaboration is jointly coordinated by the Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU) in Oxford, UK and the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (CTC) in Sydney, Australia. A Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the Collaboration’s activities, data management, analyses, and publication.

The Collaboration meets once or twice per year (usually during a major scientific congress such as those organised by the American Heart Association or the European Society of Cardiology), and fosters engagement with regulators and policy makers such as national clinical guideline groups.

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The work of the CTT Collaboration has been funded by the Australian National Heart Foundation, Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, European Community Biomed Programme, National Institute for Health and Care Research and UK Medical Research Council.  

Although individual trials that are contributing data to the analyses were funded by the pharmaceutical industry, as well as by charities and government organisations (see details for each trial in the Participating Trials section), the CTT Collaboration has not received grant funding from industry.


Individual patient data from each contributing trial have been provided to the CTT Collaboration on the understanding that they would be used only for the purpose of the CTT meta-analyses and would not be released to others. Requests for such data should be made directly to the data custodians of each trial.

CTT Collaborators and other bona fide researchers are welcome, however, to suggest analyses in writing to the Secretariat. Where proposals are thought to be feasible and of potential interest, the Secretariat will conduct such analyses or, where appropriate, seek the views of the Collaboration on whether the analyses should be performed. If so, then the proposing scientist(s) will be invited to collaborate with the Secretariat in conducting and interpreting the analyses, and will be members of the Writing Committee in any papers describing the results of analyses.

Publication Policy

CTT Collaborators have an opportunity to contribute to analyses of the data, interpretation of the results, and drafting of the reports as members of a Writing Committee before they are published. CTT Collaboration analyses and associated papers are published in the name of the Collaborative Group.