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4S: Scandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study

principal contacts

John Kjekhus (University of Oslo)

Terje Pedersen (University of Oslo)

Lars Wilhelmsen (University of Gothenburg)

Yale Mitchel (Merck &Co. Inc)

Andrew Tershakovec (Merck and Co. Inc.)

data custodian

Merck & Co. Inc


Merck & Co. Inc

key publications

Design paper: Am J Cardiol 1993; 71: 393-400

Main results: Lancet 1994; 344:1383-89

Cost effectiveness:  Eur Heart J 1996; 17(7): 1001-7

5 year follow-up:  Am J Cardiol 2000; 86(3): 257-62

10 year follow-up:  Lancet 2004; 364(9436): 771-7

Safety:  Arch Intern Med 1996; 156(18); 2095-92

Those with diabetes:  Diabetes Care 1997; 20(4): 614-20